Monthly Archives: January 2013


Today is my birthday. My twenties are coming to a close. I have much to be grateful for. Below are twenty-nine things I am grateful for today.

  1. My parents; they are incredible people.
  2. My little house. Bungalow of Trust.
  3. Tears.
  4. Laughter.
  5. My son’s smile.
  6. My husband’s patience.
  7. St. John the Apostle Catholic Church.
  8. My sister.
  9. Friendships that will last a lifetime.
  10. Beth Link; my son’s godmother.
  11. Rachel Held Evans; the first blogger I was ever introduced to.
  12. Beautiful connections made throughout my days in Protestant Suburbia; my two closest friends, my first true love, a pastor who became a dear mentor and is now a missionary in Africa, a woman who provided invaluable counsel to me when my world crumbled.
  13. Fresh flowers.
  14. Wood heat.
  15. Iced coffee.
  16. St. Catherine of Siena.
  17. A working vehicle.
  18. Sylvia Plath.
  19. Powell’s Books.
  20. Jesus.
  21. My wok.
  22. Clean drinking water.
  23. Florence and the Machine.
  24. The Bible.
  25. My laptop.
  26. Inside jokes.
  27. Good health.
  28. Homemade bread.
  29. My Libby; a dog is truly some of the best therapy and companionship.

What are you grateful for today?