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Women and Music: Why Their Unity Matters

It was summertime and I was still in love with someone who wasn’t in love with me, and I was mad. I rolled my windows down, turned the volume up and belted out Joan Jett’s break-up masterpiece {insert exclamation points and steering wheel slapping EVERYWHERE}. “I hate myself for loving you Can’t break free from

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Dancing Feminism

  What does it mean to be woman? Am I a feminist or not? As I have discovered who I am, as a woman, I have learned that respect and peace for women everywhere matters deeply to me. Feminism, though not always birthed out of peaceful origins, has sought to make peace with what it

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When It Isn’t Clear

Monk Monday, you find me without words. You find me weighed down. You find me questioning why people who love God can be so cruel in His name. You find me wondering why we don’t give one another the freedom to explore faith, and instead try to guide one another along a path that we

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