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Paper Can Handle the Truth

I must have written I’m afraid thirty times in a row. The ink giving way to emotion, letters becoming large and lose, traveling down the page. With each phrase scrawled in my journal, I felt a little bit of relief. It wasn’t that there was no one in my life I could confide in—quite the contrary.

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Books Giving Shape to My Summer

Around the New Year, I chose the word Shape as a theme for 2014. It’s been a challenging word to embrace, especially over the past couple months. Honestly, if you’d asked me three weeks ago what was shaping my days I would have answered, Scandal and House of Cards. Netflix was a guaranteed way to help

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Dad Spends Evening with Daughter. World Explodes in Tears.

I’m going to step on some toes for a few minutes. It could be irritating at best, hurtful at worst, and you’re welcome to click away or stay and argue with me in the comments; I’m up for either one. There’s a popular video circulating around social media, warming hearts and summoning Kleenex and the

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