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The Secret to a Conflict-Free Relationship (just kidding, I don’t believe in those)

  A couple nights ago, I was rolling out dough for cinnamon rolls, enjoying the quiet that comes after the little one has been tucked in for the night. I slathered the dough with butter, sprinkled more than enough cinnamon and sugar, hoping the extra helpings would somehow change the whole wheat flour into white.

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Words I Don’t Want to Say

  The running length of the film was close to three hours. Perfect, I thought. It’s true; I have a strange affection for long movies. It isn’t logical, I know, but if the running time is over ninety-six minutes, I am more inclined to see it. I handed over cash in exchange for a matinee

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Spread the Love Blog Tour (On Writing and the Writing Life)

Earlier this summer, Aaron tagged me in his blog tour post. Great idea, I thought. This will be a simple, fun Q/A to break up the long silences I’ve had here ever since I found out Baby Trust is on the way, I said to myself. Then, it sat in my inbox. More silence. But I’ve been badgering myself all

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