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Because These Are Sacred Scars

“If he knows you are leaving him, if he knows time has run out, there are two likely outcomes.  He will either try to get you pregnant or he will physically harm you,” my psychologist said in a quiet, serious tone. I nodded in agreement, tears on my cheeks. I could keep my decision a

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5 Tips for Loving People through the Loss of a Marriage

  Maybe you sat in the crowd, an easy smile on your face as you watched them hold hands and exchange words of promise sealed with rings. Perhaps you bought them a gift to celebrate the new, happy home and life they were making together. You cheered this couple on, and you hoped and believed

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Christians, Divorce, and Marriage: On Being Excluded from Conversations

I was seated at a rectangular table, mug of coffee in my hands when he said it, when he said the words that stung my face. Others were around the table too; we were a group of friends gathering to share moments of life with one another. He said the words and I felt the

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