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Paper Can Handle the Truth


I must have written I’m afraid thirty times in a row.

The ink giving way to emotion, letters becoming large and lose, traveling down the page. With each phrase scrawled in my journal, I felt a little bit of relief.

It wasn’t that there was no one in my life I could confide in—quite the contrary. I felt safe within my supportive family; I had a handful of listening, faithful friends, and a wonderful therapist who walked with me through some very dark days in my early twenties.

And yet the ever present blank pages in my journal were a source of safety and comfort too; I could repeat how afraid I felt, chronicle the most depressing parts of my week, or even record my secret hopes without a response in return, and sometimes that’s exactly what I needed.

Writing privately was a crucial part in healing from intimate betrayal.

I have several journals which are riddled with pain and confusion and anger, and when I look back at them, I don’t fully relate to the woman on those pages anymore, but I honor her. {Read the rest over at The Gift of Writing.}