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My Word For 2014

It’s a funny thing to practice something, which you don’t think is very widespread, only to find out that it’s actually very common. What am I talking about? Choosing one word as a theme for your year; it’s happening all over the place. The #OneWord  is kind of like a New Year’s resolution. Last year,

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When Every Knee Bowed

I cup a warm latte in one hand, and secure the steering wheel with the other. My foot presses the gas as the freeway lies still, and I move over the blacktop at fifty-five miles an hour in quiet expectation, a somber kind of anticipation. The Light grows brighter. I come to a stop, park my

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A Kitchen Confession: I’m Broken

The iris of my eye is the color of broken. My eardrums are lined with the sounds of broken. My legs are toned with the pain of broken. The breath that fills my lungs is spun with air that is broken. I’m broken. Are you? I’ve come to believe there’s something sacred about recognizing and

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