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When Your Life is Out-of-Control During Lent

“We have you checked in, go ahead and take a seat,” she says. But I don’t take a seat. Instead, I pace the small, cramped waiting room, willing my steps to lull my baby girl to sleep or at least to a place of contentment. As I pace, the clinic doors swing open every three

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The Day the Place Cards Were Burned: a story of Christians

*Inspired by the words spoken by Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Denny Burk, Tim Challies, John Piper, RC Sproul, and John MacArthur, to name a few. Tables are intricately set, each place setting personalized for the individual seated behind it. Someone has been expecting the arrival of everyone here. Smiles, tears, laughter and hushed conversation are

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This is the Part Where My Mystic and the Ocean Meet

I don’t have much time left, and the awareness of it makes me wistful for more. I take another look out the window to my right, and snuggle myself into the side of the leather couch. Legs curled, book still resting on my folded knees, I close my eyes. I may be resting, but I’m

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