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Some Are Made To Break Down Doors

You know the scenes in movies or television shows in which there is a person or group of people being held hostage or perhaps they’ve been abandoned and left for dead in a closed, locked up structure, and someone arrives on the scene, looking for them, knowing action must be taken? Often the rescuers take

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Christian Unity: when it’s no longer my first priority

It gnaws at me, and my eyes narrow in frustration. I scatter about, externally searching here and there and flexing my knowledge over this and that, but still, this Thing; it creeps in me and through me. Truth is, sometimes I don’t know if this ‘Thing’ is the Holy Spirit or if it is my

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Dear Jessica(or what I want you to know about crossing lines and sex)

  Dear Jessica, You recently asked Pastor Mark Driscoll an intimate question, I noticed because I like to keep up with all things Mars Hill related, and I read his response to you. I read it slow and I read it calm until I couldn’t anymore. I thought about responding to Pastor Mark directly, but

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