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The Day the Place Cards Were Burned: a story of Christians

*Inspired by the words spoken by Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Denny Burk, Tim Challies, John Piper, RC Sproul, and John MacArthur, to name a few. Tables are intricately set, each place setting personalized for the individual seated behind it. Someone has been expecting the arrival of everyone here. Smiles, tears, laughter and hushed conversation are

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Some Are Made To Break Down Doors

You know the scenes in movies or television shows in which there is a person or group of people being held hostage or perhaps they’ve been abandoned and left for dead in a closed, locked up structure, and someone arrives on the scene, looking for them, knowing action must be taken? Often the rescuers take

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Hey Jesus, it’s me. Your people make me sad.

A couple days ago, I asked readers to consider giving to World Vision as they received swell after swell of hatred and condemnation as a result of the decision to allow gay men and women, in America, to work for the organization. This afternoon, they have retracted their decision, calling it “a mistake”. I have

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