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Dad Spends Evening with Daughter. World Explodes in Tears.

I’m going to step on some toes for a few minutes. It could be irritating at best, hurtful at worst, and you’re welcome to click away or stay and argue with me in the comments; I’m up for either one. There’s a popular video circulating around social media, warming hearts and summoning Kleenex and the

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Dear Jessica(or what I want you to know about crossing lines and sex)

  Dear Jessica, You recently asked Pastor Mark Driscoll an intimate question, I noticed because I like to keep up with all things Mars Hill related, and I read his response to you. I read it slow and I read it calm until I couldn’t anymore. I thought about responding to Pastor Mark directly, but

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Her: a movie about belonging and the Theodore in all of us

There’s something about the way he stares straight ahead. Yes, it’s the way he stares at the computer and the tone of his voice as he speaks soft, poetic words onto the screen; I care about this guy. I care about Theodore, and I’ve only just met him. I watch him as he wanders into

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