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Dad Spends Evening with Daughter. World Explodes in Tears.


I’m going to step on some toes for a few minutes. It could be irritating at best, hurtful at worst, and you’re welcome to click away or stay and argue with me in the comments; I’m up for either one.

There’s a popular video circulating around social media, warming hearts and summoning Kleenex and the like. You can watch the montage of the daddy/daughter date here.

Now, I watched it yesterday, and I didn’t find it sweet or meaningful. I still don’t know what all the fuss is about. However, before I offer some critique, I’d like to acknowledge the good.

It is good for parents to spend time with their kids.

It is good for dads and moms to plan fun activities, creating special memories with their children.

It was good of the father in the video to plan something special with his daughter.

With the good acknowledged, I’d like to now voice a few concerns.

1)      Spending time with your pre-school age daughter shouldn’t be treated like a Bachelorette Rose Ceremony.

As the video began, I thought the dad and his Chris Harrison-like friend were just plain weird and a little creepy. “Oh it was just part of the act,” some might say. Okay, fine, still creepy. The Chris Harrison dude makes small talk and asks the dad if he’s nervous and what the plans are for the evening. The dad admits to being, “pretty nervous” to spend time with his own daughter. Let the multitude of problems with that statement sink in for a moment.

2)      Spending time with your kids doesn’t raise any bars for their future dating life; spending time with your kids is what many of us call parenting.

The caption under the video is, “This dad is setting the bar high for anyone who wants a chance at his little girl’s heart someday.”

Cue Jasmine at the top of this post.

What about all the stay-at-home moms and dads who do what this guy in the video did all day long? I mean, many of us prepare meals, pick flowers, and go to the park on a daily basis (Sans the suit, he’s definitely got that one over on me.). It’s just silly to think an investment of time, with the sole purpose being practicing for your daughter’s dating life, is going to impact her future boyfriends.

3)      Dads as the First Love…Ooookay.

The video closes with this caption, “You’ll always be her first love.” Again, little bit weird.

I love my dad. He’s been a wonderful parent, mentor, and friend; I’m very grateful for him. My dad and I did go out to dinner and movies, call them dates, if you will, but my dad as my first love? Nope.

Let’s get real, my first love involved hand holding, first kisses, promises of forever, mixed tapes, and hundreds of hours spent on landline telephones, and those experiences were mine and my boyfriend’s, not my dad’s.

Dads who need to romanticize their relationship with their daughters need to get a reality check: it’s unhealthy.

I could say more, but it’s time for me to make lunch for my date today, aka my son.

{What did you all think of the video? Loved it? Hated it? Indifferent? Speak to me so that when my date goes down for a nap I have something fun to read.}