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5 Tips for Loving People through the Loss of a Marriage

  Maybe you sat in the crowd, an easy smile on your face as you watched them hold hands and exchange words of promise sealed with rings. Perhaps you bought them a gift to celebrate the new, happy home and life they were making together. You cheered this couple on, and you hoped and believed

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The Night I Found a Hell of Mercy

I was desperate on an almost-spring night, some four or five years ago; I was looking for a fix. I walked the halls and up the stairs, and I stood in front of a wall of books. I wanted words to jump off the pages and tenderly tuck a stray hair behind my ear, and kiss

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Chasing After the Christian Power Couple

  You’ve watched them walking down the street, and you’ve eyed them as they’ve lead a congregation in worship. You’ve sat across from them at lunch, and you’ve read their books. You’ve seen them on social media, and heard their love story on stage. The Christian Power Couple isn’t a myth or a legend; they

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