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A Letter From a Reader: moving from fear and into freedom

Today’s post comes to you from a new friend of mine. Erin has been reading here since my series on friendships between men and women. Earlier this week, I asked her if she’d be interested in sharing her reaction to the series, and I’m happy she’s willing to share her words in my space today. Dear Natalie, Thank

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Thoughts on Glenn Beck’s Interview with Mark Driscoll: what I hope to teach my son about bullies

  Yesterday, during morning Mass, one of the prayers offered up was from a sixth grade boy. He spoke into the microphone, “For an end to persecution and bulling, especially for children, we pray to the Lord.” I held my own son a little bit closer to me, and considered the pews filled with children as I

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Making Room for the Oh in My Restless Soul

  You were talking to me around 8:30 on Sunday morning, but I didn’t listen as I looked down at my feet, surrounded by a landscape of dead pine needles. One foot moved in front of the other, and I didn’t hear You telling me about the Beauty; the Beauty in breath. I inhaled and

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