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When Your Life is Out-of-Control During Lent

“We have you checked in, go ahead and take a seat,” she says. But I don’t take a seat. Instead, I pace the small, cramped waiting room, willing my steps to lull my baby girl to sleep or at least to a place of contentment. As I pace, the clinic doors swing open every three

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The Season of Easter

Fire lit. Bodies gather around the flames. The Easter candle is prepared. Anticipation mounts. “May the light of Christ, rising in glory, dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds,” speaks the priest. The crowd parts ways as the souls anticipating reception into the Church pass between us. We have made walls of prayer and

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When Failure Meets Hope

I was going to take a walk, but I didn’t get out of the car. The clock read 9:25pm. Crumpled up Starbucks pastry bags, pens, receipts, and tubes of lip gloss joined me, frozen, in my front seat. I can’t do this. And right there, in front of my car clutter and God, I gave

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