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Dear Jessica(or what I want you to know about crossing lines and sex)

  Dear Jessica, You recently asked Pastor Mark Driscoll an intimate question, I noticed because I like to keep up with all things Mars Hill related, and I read his response to you. I read it slow and I read it calm until I couldn’t anymore. I thought about responding to Pastor Mark directly, but

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Thoughts on Glenn Beck’s Interview with Mark Driscoll: what I hope to teach my son about bullies

  Yesterday, during morning Mass, one of the prayers offered up was from a sixth grade boy. He spoke into the microphone, “For an end to persecution and bulling, especially for children, we pray to the Lord.” I held my own son a little bit closer to me, and considered the pews filled with children as I

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What I Hope 7,000 People Ignored (or, why counselors should not take Mark Driscoll’s advice)

  I love counseling. I’m not ashamed of the many hours I spent in my psychologist’s office. Was it always easy to go to my appointments? No. Did I feel vulnerable? Yes. Was it good for my overall well-being? Absolutely. I am grateful that I received the professional attention and compassion that I desperately needed.

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