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An Open Letter to My Son (from my iPod)

Dear Little One, You’ll be two soon, and I thought it was about time we had a talk regarding your mom’s shuffle list. I’m sure you’re already picking up on the fact that your mom has pretty eclectic taste in music (it’s either that or a series of unfortunate events). In fact, your dad, just

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When God Fell From the #1 Position

Pull the orange t-shirt over your head, and look in the full length mirror. Blue block letters stare back. Your hair is short, arms are tiny, and you wonder how you’ll carry your luggage through the airports of the world by yourself. Somehow it’ll work out. The wheels of the suitcase echo the hall into

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Imma Tell You Something, Kanye West

I remember this one night when I met up with a guy I was totally crazy about, and as we sat and ordered drinks, Kanye West’s “Stronger” began to play. It had been recently released and my crush was way into it- in fact, I think every time I got in his car Kanye was there with

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