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An Open Letter to My Son (from my iPod)


Dear Little One,

You’ll be two soon, and I thought it was about time we had a talk regarding your mom’s shuffle list. I’m sure you’re already picking up on the fact that your mom has pretty eclectic taste in music (it’s either that or a series of unfortunate events). In fact, your dad, just this morning, referred to it as ‘a playlist of wonders’, so there’s that.

Before we go over a few things I think you should know about your mom and her song compilations, I want to make it clear that I don’t actually have a sensor in me to determine when you’re a foot and a half away from grabbing me from the dock. I know it seems like I do because the warning is always the same: “Leave it be. That belongs to mama”. But, no, your mom just has that parental peripheral vision, and I guarantee you it’ll only get worse with time so good luck getting away with sneaking anything, ever.

I usually get shuffled sometime after breakfast, and your mom looks at the first track as some kind of fortune cookie for her day. Now, I find this odd considering everything she has loaded on me, but I suppose old habits die hard. Once in a while I’ll start off with something instrumental and it’s an automatic redo (sorry, Shakespeare In Love soundtrack.)

Track # 1: “Pressed In A Book”- The Shins

This is exactly the kind of song your mom hopes will come on first, somewhat upbeat, but not to the point that it’s absolutely jarring. Plus, it tells a story, and she likes that.

Track # 2: “Shelter”- Birdy

This track is likely the cause for your mom absently stacking blocks with you or lighting candles before she’s even pulled the blinds and you can hardly blame her for this; the song is absolutely gorgeous and Birdy practically begs contemplation.

Track # 3: “To Be Around You”- Mariah Carey

If you were hoping she’d consider moving, getting dressed and ready to take you to the park, then Mariah works in your favor. At the very least, she’ll start singing, and that’s a sure sign she’s fully awake.

Track # 4: “Kick It in the Sticks”- Brantley Gilbert

Now, remember how your dad said I was full of wonders? This is exactly what he’s talking about. There’s no way she can explain the presence of this song other than a guilty, impulse buy, and you can judge her for it.

Track # 5: “Goodbye Kiss”- Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

All around feel good track. Probably the reason for more kisses and cuddles than you wanted in less than four minutes, but please, let her snuggle you; it’s good for her soul.

Track # 6: “Even If My Heart Would Break”- Kenny G and Aaron Neville (The Bodyguard Soundtrack)

Classic. The song is practically a cross-over track from your grandparent’s generation. Believe me, you ask your grandma and grandpa how many car rides were non-stop Kenny G back when your mom was a kid. You’ll be grateful for these nonsensical morning shuffles.

Track # 7: “Swan Dive”- Ani DiFranco

This one is a golden ticket to everything in your mom’s feminist heart. The lyrics about tampons and shark infested waters? They make her smile every time because inside she’s like, “Take that patriarchy.”

Track # 8: “Remember the Time”- Michael Jackson

It’s gonna be a good day, and it is exactly in this moment you both know it. The little shoulder shrug and mini squats you do when this plays? So. Darn. Cute. In fact, she’ll probably switch over to Michael Jackson entirely for the next half hour because you love him so much.

We could go on and on, Little One. We haven’t even uncovered the copious amount of hip hop and Sheryl Crow within me, but maybe we’ll talk about that another time. All I can tell you is to expect the unexpected.

Powering Down,

Hot Pink Me

{What would your iPod say about you? Thanks for reading.}