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This is the Part Where My Mystic and the Ocean Meet

I don’t have much time left, and the awareness of it makes me wistful for more. I take another look out the window to my right, and snuggle myself into the side of the leather couch. Legs curled, book still resting on my folded knees, I close my eyes. I may be resting, but I’m

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Of Unmanageable Mornings and Admissions of Needs

I knew it was about to be a typical morning for me, but what I also knew is that I wanted a new kind of morning. I didn’t want to do this anymore; I was not going to do this anymore. Today is where these kinds of morning would end. I pattered along our cold

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How I Chose My Patron Saint

I picked up the book Little Talks with God, and her name, I just liked her name and the title of the work, pure and simple. I thumbed through it over the months, along with the other books I had chosen during my Protestant break-up. This particular woman was one of the only women in history

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