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Making Room for the Oh in My Restless Soul

  You were talking to me around 8:30 on Sunday morning, but I didn’t listen as I looked down at my feet, surrounded by a landscape of dead pine needles. One foot moved in front of the other, and I didn’t hear You telling me about the Beauty; the Beauty in breath. I inhaled and

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The Night I Found a Hell of Mercy

I was desperate on an almost-spring night, some four or five years ago; I was looking for a fix. I walked the halls and up the stairs, and I stood in front of a wall of books. I wanted words to jump off the pages and tenderly tuck a stray hair behind my ear, and kiss

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Dear God, Please Don’t Say Anything

She calls me on the phone, and it is bad news. I stand in my kitchen; phone to ear, make-up leaving a film all over the device that is so often a messenger of pain filled remarks and stories. Swoosh and whoosh of the dishwasher, the clank of zippers flailing in the dryer are the

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