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When Christian Music is Not Safe for the Whole Family

    I can feel my face getting ugly. My eyes are squinting, brows narrowing and my mouth is forming something that probably would have sounded like, “What the ^&*%?” My son is in the car, and so I don’t say it out loud. But I think that four-letter-word, on repeat, for the entire duration

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Women and Music: Why Their Unity Matters

It was summertime and I was still in love with someone who wasn’t in love with me, and I was mad. I rolled my windows down, turned the volume up and belted out Joan Jett’s break-up masterpiece {insert exclamation points and steering wheel slapping EVERYWHERE}. “I hate myself for loving you Can’t break free from

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Waves and Hidden Promises

Although this was written a couple years back, I’m sharing it today in honor of my dog, Libby. If you believe in soul mates, as I do, then perhaps you won’t find it too far-fetched when I say that I believe she is my soul dog. We were destined to find one another. Yes, I was grief stricken and traumatized

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