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A Kitchen Confession: I’m Broken


The iris of my eye is the color of broken. My eardrums are lined with the sounds of broken. My legs are toned with the pain of broken. The breath that fills my lungs is spun with air that is broken.

I’m broken.

Are you?

I’ve come to believe there’s something sacred about recognizing and accepting the shattered pieces within me and around me; it’s sacred because it points me to wholeness.

Look at your body, run your fingers through your mind, touch your soul; where are the fractures?

I remember the day in the kitchen, the day I claimed my brokenness. It was years after the original wounds and the unspeakable devastation. The severing of innocence, the seemingly never ending betrayals that marched from the mouth which I loved were things in the past, but I could still see them in the distance, daring me to look them in the face. And so I stood, feet planted on the tile floor, my mind muddled, and eyes red, as the words tripped from my lips.

“I wish I could love you with abandon, with all of myself, with a whole heart, but I don’t… (continue reading)


{Thanks for reading, friends. Today marks this anniversary for me, and it is also the one year anniversary of my blog. I’m grateful for all the connections made in this place during the past year.}