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Spread the Love Blog Tour (On Writing and the Writing Life)

Earlier this summer, Aaron tagged me in his blog tour post. Great idea, I thought. This will be a simple, fun Q/A to break up the long silences I’ve had here ever since I found out Baby Trust is on the way, I said to myself. Then, it sat in my inbox. More silence. But I’ve been badgering myself all

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Paper Can Handle the Truth

I must have written I’m afraid thirty times in a row. The ink giving way to emotion, letters becoming large and lose, traveling down the page. With each phrase scrawled in my journal, I felt a little bit of relief. It wasn’t that there was no one in my life I could confide in—quite the contrary.

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A Not So Forever Ago Friday: #FaithCulture2014

This weekend I have the opportunity to speak on a panel of bloggers at the Faith and Culture Writers Conference. If you’ve been around my space for awhile you might remember how last year I was really nervous about going, in fact, if it hadn’t been for my mom, I wouldn’t have gone to the

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